sexta-feira, 25 de março de 2016

Mobile == Optimization

 Going mobile is not easy, so you must consider it from the beginning.

So I decided to develop a new project for the mobile devices and having a simple structure working I started looking at de frame rate and, surprise surprise, it look bad. I mean it was 6 to 8 frames per second and the scene was almost empty.

Then I look at the bag of optimizations and started the kung fu:
- first simplify the models, less vertices, less faces, less edges all led to faster rendering;
- change the Unity shaders to mobile;
- I'm using a terrain so looking at the options I started messing with this:
  - pixel error;
  - base map distance;
  - detail distance;
- Theres one directional light in the scene so here's what I changed:
  - baking to baked;
  - shadows to hard shadows;

In the scripts I looked at:
- string concatenation - make it with stringbuilder;
- function calls, some times can be avoided;
- some functions can be optimizaded like the Mathf.Abs that I changed for  x = (x > 0 ? x : -x).

After all this tricks I get 20 frames per second, not bad! And the frame rate is stabel, not droping has I add more elements to the scene.

There are some more changes that I'm going to test with the physics engine but for now I'm happy.

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