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ASP.NET MVC with Entity, Identity and Migrations Part 2 - Dropdownlist

In the second part of this MVC tutorial we add a dropdown list to select the user role when creating or editing a user.

In the User model we must add a new field that represents an interface that stores the options:

public IEnumerable<System.Web.Mvc.SelectListItem> perfis { get; set; }

Now in the User controller the Create and Edit functions must be changed. Each function must add the options to the perfis interface before showing the view. Something like this:

        // GET: Users/Create
        public ActionResult Create()
            //perfis options for the dropdownlist
            var user = new User();
            user.perfis = new[] {
                new SelectListItem{Value="0",Text="Admin"},
                new SelectListItem{Value="1",Text="User"},
            return View(user);

In the views the text box must be deleted and a drop down must be added to the field.

The line that generates the drop down is this:

 @Html.DropDownListFor( model=>model.perfil,new SelectList(Model.perfis,"Value","Text"))

Youtube video

Project code in Github

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